Your HTC One M8 isn’t a Lytro, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create some neat-looking effects

Background defocus effects are the hot new feature for smartphone cameras this year. Sony, Nokia, LG, Samsung and HTC are all offering DSLR-like bokeh effects in photos through software trickery. These effects have even been likened to the Lytro, the first mainstream light-field camera, which lets users refocus their photos after capture.

Instant after-the-fact refocusing from a smartphone camera isn’t truly upon us just yet, however, and each manufacturer’s approach to defocusing and refocusing shots after taking them has its individual quirks. That includes the HTC One M8’s Ufocus feature, which while capable of producing some striking depth-of-field effects, has its limitations. And the same goes for single-camera refocusing effects from competitors like the Samsung Galaxy S5, LG G Pro 2 and Sony Xperia Z2.

Let’s take a closer look after the break.

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