British Phones4U launches JUMP contracts, lets you upgrade to a new phone every 6 months

Just as we thought the Brits couldn’t come up with any better deals, contracts or plans after that rocking Full Monty offer from T-Mobile launched about a week ago, another UK retailer, Phones 4u, has just announced a potential game-changing kind of contract.

The JUMP contracts (short for ‘’Just Upgrade My Phone’’) give you the flexibility to switch to a new phone every six months with minimum additional costs, provided that you keep each phone in a decent state.

You’re a bit confused, aren’t you? Well, I was too, but fortunately, the nice guys at Phones 4u have provided us with a couple of clear examples in their press release so as to figure out how this deal works.

What you do is you pick, say, a Samsung Galaxy S2 or a Galaxy Nexus on a £35 a month contract and pay an extra  £2.99 to get the JUMP option, which makes your contract a total of  £37.99 pay a month. During those 24 months of contract, you can choose to keep your original bought phone or to upgrade to a new phone each six months.

Pretty simple, so far, and pretty interesting, right? Well, things start to get a little bit more complicated if you get down to the actual costs you will have to undertake each six months, because actually those  £37.99 are split up into two sections, £15 service fees to a carrier and  £22.99 to the retailer for your phone.

If and when you choose to upgrade your smartphone, you are actually trading it in and the amount left on your balance on your 24-month contract determines the actual cost of your new monthly commitment.

If you still haven’t grasped the whole process, you could take a look at the screenshot below, explaining all the details you would need to upgrade from a non-iPhone device to an iPhone 4S after six months. Why would you need to upgrade to an iPhone 4S? Well, you wouldn’t (or at least I personally wouldn’t), but that’s just an example so as to understand how this new offer works.

As far as I’m concerned, this JUMP contract looks exciting as heck, which is yet another reason to be jealous of those of you who live in the UK right now.


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