Ready to rock that G-SHOCK again? These watches have been quite popular for many years, but our phones have taken their jobs, and it is now rare to see a watch around (let alone a G-SHOCK). Right when the “smart watch” is starting to become the next big thing (as soon as manufacturers get it right), Casio has decided to jump in on the action with the new G-SHOCK GB-6900.

This watch connects to your smartphone, and notifies you of incoming calls, emails and messages. Aside from synchronizing the time, users would also be able to change sound modes and set alarms on smartphones straight from their wrist instead of having to take the device out of their pockets. These are not the most important features in this G-SHOCK watch, though.

It connects via Bluetooth LE (Low Energy), which is a Bluetooth 4.0 feature that uses much less power for connectivity. This feature will allow your watch’s battery life to run up to about 2 years on a CR2032 watch battery. This is pretty impressive compared to other smart watches, which will not make it through a week with a charge.

As you may have noticed, this device looks nothing like the other smart watches in the market. Relatively, it also does nothing compared to them. While it gives you notifications for your messages, it does not seem like you can read them like one can with other competing devices. Other than notifications and the before-mentioned tasks, it does nothing more than the current crop of smart watches, though we’re sure many of you are willing to give many of those features up for a 2-year battery life.

Apparently Casio is trying to make a smartphone accessory while staying true to its roots as a watch maker. This looks just like the traditional Casio G-SHOCK we used to rock some years ago. If you miss wearing a watch, but haven’t been able to justify purchasing one, this just might be your chance. While it doesn’t have as many functions, the few that it does have can be very helpful.

Starting March 16, 2012, this watch will only available in Japan and will be compatible with the NEC Medias LTE N-04D and the NEC Medias PP N-01D (Let’s hope it reaches more devices and countries soon). Casio’s plan was to release it this month, but the floods in Thailand delayed production. As for the price, it is unknown, but be prepared to pay quite the buck for one of these. G-SHOCK watches are known for being expensive, and we do not believe that will be changing.

What do you guys say? Would you wear a G-SHOCK again? Would you rather have more features, or better battery life in a watch?

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