Catch Notes has redesigned its note-taking app that gives users the option to open up their notebooks to others. While Catch has primarily been a private dynamic note-taking app with some sharing abilities, the latest version of the app actually supports sharing notes with others and allowing for members to give each other feedback.

The brand-new Catch Streams function – available in the web app and the Android 1.6+ mobile app – groups a series of notes into a Stream, which is basically a notebook centered on one idea. Within the stream, someone can post photos, record voice notes, send reminders, or write a text note. Someone planning a trip could create a stream with notes about what has to be done, or create one with ideas for the places and activities that may be of interest.

Streams also allows for Catch members to work together or share notes with each other. For instance, I just created an Androinica Team Stream and invited the other members of the site to join. I recorded a voice note about an internal project and shared it with the others, who can comment on what I propose. We could also use this as a way to pitch ideas, track what others are working on, or share photos that we spot that may be of interest to the staff. There’s great potential here for collaboration and getting immediate feedback from each other.

Catch will also come in handy in your personal life. The company pitches another use case where a couple is house hunting and each person posts notes to the stream showing potential homes. The spouse could then comment on a photo and say, “It’s pretty, but it looks like it’s in a busy area.” The other spouse could then record a voice note to show that it’s actually not very noisy.

Users can create private streams for better organization or share their streams and notes through invitations. This is a great new feature that Catch users should enjoy, and an important point of distinction considering the new features announced by Evernote yesterday. Download Catch from the Android Market and sign-up for a free account if you haven’t already. Free accounts are limited to 3 active streams; a paid Pro account can create 10, and a Premiere account can create 50.

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