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It’s days like these when we know Google has our back. They’re constantly working to make all their services better. Today, the Search Giant has released solid updates to two of their services – Google Docs and Chrome to Phone. These updates include some aesthetic improvements for both phones and tablets, as well as offline availability for your documents.

Chrome to Phone

This new update comes with a rehashed look to the interface. Mostly, the minimalist arrows make it much sharper and more sleek. It might be a bit different for those who don’t have Android 4.0, though. When I tested the update on an HTC Thunderbolt with Gingerbread, the arrows still had the older look.

The guys from Android Central have a much different look, though. And it might be due to the software differences of Ice Cream Sandwich.

The UI is still missing the new unified Ice Cream Sandwich look. It would be great if Google could integrate the same updated look to all of its apps, including this one. Instead of the image on top, it could be a bar with options, the search button and the menu button, much like Google Docs (image below) and many other apps out there.

The update also includes a fix to the crashes when copying text, which is definitely welcome. Also, if you’re a landscape user, you might be happy to know that this feature has been included to Chrome to Phone as well.

Google Docs

Google Docs saw a more exciting update this time around. Many of our tablets are WiFi-only. This means that we find ourselves without an internet connection much of the time, in which case you can’t access or edit documents from Google Docs.

This update adds offline usability to Google Docs. Simply choose which documents you want to be able to access offline, and they become available wherever you might be.

As with all Google Services in Android, this app is meant to be easy to work with. Basically, after you choose a document to be available offline, the app syncs automatically whenever possible. You can make any changes to a document, and the changes will be updated as soon as the tablet hits internet connectivity. (This can also be done manually).

This would be very helpful for tablet users who are constantly working on their documents. Go ahead and work; the changes will be automatically updated when possible, creating a much more unified experience. That’s not the only new feature in this update, though.

There’s also a new feature for tablet users. Now when you open a document (while online) you will see a “high-resolution” version. This has much of a magazine feel. You can swype left and right through the pages, displaying all your hard work.


Keep them coming, Google! If you want to check out these new updates, go ahead and get them straight from the Android Market. We have posted the links below for your convenience. Be sure to let us know what you think.


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