I like to drive and travel quite a bit since Indianapolis is in the middle of quite a few Midwestern cities, and since I’m not from around here, I don’t know where I’m going half the time. So I am sincerely thankful for Google Maps and Navigation, but it became increasingly annoying to pick my phone up to look at the map while dodging traffic and finding my destination. Finally, I broke down and bought a Cobra Mini-Mount. A few days later I bought my girlfriend one, and now it’s on all of my family members’ Christmas lists.

The Cobra Mini-Mount doesn’t have a striking feature or really any advanced design that sets it apart, but, to be blunt, it simply works perfectly.  It uses suction and a sticky grip on bottom to hold the mount in place while the arm of the device has a bottom ledge and stickiness to hold your phone in place. It also has an adjustable dial to hold your desired position for the mount in place so if you’re thinking it’s turning a lot whenever you hit a bump, it’s probably because this isn’t tightened enough.

I’ve only tried a handful of docks and most of those were aimed at a specific device. Being a universal device, the Cobra mount is designed to accommodate all shapes and sizes, and so it also has the perception of not necessarily being perfect for any device. I’m here to set that record straight. I’ve tried a couple different devices, and all of them are held beautifully. I’m not going to admit to my “take-a-turn-as-fast-as-possible” driving attitude, but let’s just say under “rigorous” testing none of my phones flew out of the mount.

The Cobra mount does need a little upkeep though. With a simple glass cleaner (my glass wipes in this case work great), you have to wipe down the sticky surface to keep it holding well. I let mine get about a weeks worth of fuzz and hair on it, and it was noticeably less sticky. Before I cleaned it, I turned the mount sideways to watch a video, and the RAZR I had attached fell because I had it charging and the cord tugged at it. You still need to be careful with your devices, but it took quite a bit to get the admittedly unusually shaped RAZR to fall.

The Cobra Car mount doesn’t seem highly touted, and I had a hard time tracking it down until Amazon finally started selling it. So you can find it on Amazon or at Accessory Highway for $ 19.95 and $ 24.95 respectively.

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