Kindle Fire

Would it surprise you to learn that Amazon could have the best selling Android tablet by the end of the year? Several weeks ago a leak surfaced that suggested Amazon was racking up 50,000 pre-orders per day of their newly announced $ 199 Kindle Fire. It now appears those numbers were on target because both Digitimes and J.P. Morgan are predicting Amazon will ship around 5 million units in Q4.

Depending on your definition of an Android tablet, we believe there to be anywhere between 4 million to 6 million units sold so far. There hasn’t been a real Android tablet success story to date, and these numbers are the sum of hundreds of different devices. If Amazon can really meet the demand and move 5 million units this year, they would easily become the best selling Android tablet ever.

I’ll admit that I wasn’t exactly blown away by the Kindle Fire announcement and I wanted to see what Google had in store for Android 4.0, but I’m still an Amazon Prime customer and I wanted to experience the launch first hand, so I went ahead and pre-ordered one. Hey it’s my job, ya know?

Now when I survey the Android tablet market, I only see two devices that are relevant. We have the bargain-bin priced Kindle Fire at $ 199 and the ultra-performance Transformer Prime at $ 499.

When these two tablets hit the market in November, I no longer see anyone else being able to compete on price or end user experience. Once you start talking about the mid-range of Android tablets, everything will now be over-priced or under-powered.

If you are in the market for an Android tablet this Christmas, I’m curious which device you are leaning towards. Have you already pre-ordered the Kindle Fire? Waiting on the quad-core Transformer Prime? Already have a Honeycomb tablet and holding out for an update to Android 4.0? Or is there some other device that you think better meets your needs?

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