Customize your Galaxy Nexus door with this IndieGoGo laser etching project

There are two things I’ve learned about Android users in my three years covering the platform: they love to customize, and they often like to show-off their affinity for the little green robot. Here’s an interesting way for those Android fans with a Galaxy Nexus to do both.

Omar Trujillo is starting a project in which he laser etches custom designs onto the battery door of the Galaxy Nexus. So instead of your phone just showing the generic logos for Google and Samsung, it can show the Superuser icon to showcase your adventurous spirit. Anything that isn’t a copyright image and fits in the design area will be lasered onto the rear door of the Galaxy Nexus to declare your Android love.

Interested? Well, head over to the Indiegogo page to claim your perk. Trujillo is using the Kickstarter-like website to crowdsource the test run of his customized Galaxy Nexus doors. The project requires $ 1,250 to pay for material expenses, but anyone who contributes $ 30 or more to a succesfully-funded project will receive a battery door with a custom image. There are multiple levels of contributions and different perks, including just donating a $ 1 to see this project get going. Depending on the success of the test run, more phone models may be supported.

I first caught wind of this idea last Friday and a few of our Google+ followers expressed interest in it. Well, now’s your chance to show it. Get a look at a few designs or more info on Omar’s Google+ page.


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