New features will make their way to other CM phones and the open-source project once work is complete

CyanogenMod and OnePlus took the stage today at an event in San Francisco to announce that the OnePlus One (be sure to check out our initial thoughts and gallery) will be the launch device for the latest version of CyanogenMod, dubbed “CM 11S.” A slight departure from the quick iteration of CyanogenMod releases in the past, CM 11S is a brand new release that’s being timed to head out on the OnePlus One hardware, showing off the latest CM has to offer. CM 11S isn’t a radical departure in terms of design, but there’s a lot going on here under the hood.

The three main pillars that users can see with the release of CM 11S are a redesigned camera app, a new theme engine and the release of the new Gallery app from beta to a complete version. Under the hood, five months of design work alone went into completely rewriting CyanogenMod’s theme engine to make it easier for users and designers alike to make their phone completely unique.

This is still CyanogenMod through and through — let’s go through a few of the details.

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