CyanogenMod has more than 1 million users

In my best of 2011 round-up, I noted that more than 900,000 Android devices are currently running the custom software known as CyanogenMod. Don’t look now, but that number is actually more than 1 million now.

Steve Kondik – also known as Cyanogen, the founder of the popular ROM and its namesake – announced last night that the CM family of ROM’s now includes more than 1 million devices. Counting officially supported phones and “kangs” that use CM as the basis for other custom ROM’s, there’s a sizable population of people who have opted to root their phones and see what the CM team can do.

As someone whose G1 lasted months longer than it had any reason to, and whose EVO often ditched Sense for the lighter and custom-friendly version of CyanogenMod, this news doesn’t surprise me at all. The team of developers and contributors known as Team Douche have done some amazing things with Android. There’s a reason CyanogenMod is far and away one of the most recognized and used ROM’s in Android.

A look at the CyanogenMod Stats page shows that the most popular version of the software is 7.1.0, which has 238,00 users. The most popular device is the HTC Desire (codename Bravo) at more than 80,000 users.

Congrats to all of CM on the success.

[Google+] via AndroidAndMe

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