The Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket and HTC Vivid were announced just a week ago as the first 4G LTE phones on AT&T, and both are already on sale in select cities. The Skyrocket is listed at a $ 249.99 suggested price, but it costs only $ 149.99 when purchased online at AT&T Wireless. The Vivid meanwhile costs only $ 99.99 instead of the previously-advertised $ 199.99.

Of course, nothing could be so simple as to say “Give us X and we’ll give you Y.” It appears that the online deals are only available in select areas. When I put in my zip code in Miami, the standard $ 249.99 and $ 199.99 prices are listed. But when I entered in my hometown zip code of Newark, New Jersey, the deal was applied. Neither market is part of AT&T’s current LTE coverage, so it’s tough to say why people in some places get the deal but others don’t.

If you were interested in AT&T’s first LTE phones, visit the Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket page, or the listing for the HTC Vivid, and enter your zip code to see if it’s worth a deal. AT&T hasn’t released much information on its LTE rollout plans, but if you are buying a new phone, you might as well future proof your purchase and get a phone that will be able to access AT&T’s real 4G network rather than just the HSPA+ currently available.

Click here for more info on the Samsung GSII Skyrocket or here for the HTC Vivid.

via BGR

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