It’s no secret that Dell hasn’t had the best of luck in the wide world of Android. Their first Android device, the Streak 5, has already been discontinued (and picked up by the government), leaving behind a rather lackluster legacy. The next device to get the axe is the me-too tablet, the Streak 7.

Over the weekend, Dell quietly pulled the Streak 7 from their website, leaving only the suggestion of a Venue or Venue Pro in its place. The Streak 7 was first released in January of 2011, and was hailed as the first 4G tablet when it was released on T-Mobile with HSPA+ compatibility. Sales never really picked up for the tablet, leaving Dell with a tough decision. Continue to find a way to promote the device, or give up and move on to bigger and better things? Obviously Dell went with the latter of those two choices.

Back in October of this year, Dell Inc.’s founder and CEO Michael Dell announced that Dell would be looking to Windows 8 for their next round of tablets. The death of the Streak 7 could certainly be taken as a confirmation of this, if it weren’t for a statement released to The Verge earlier today. According to the statement, Dell is not “not backing away from Android.” The company will remain committed to the platform, but they want to keep their options open.

CES is just around the corner, and with any luck we’ll get a glimpse at Dell’s next brave attempt at crafting a Streak that isn’t a total miss. You know what they say, third time’s the charm.

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