To celebrate the long-awaited release of Shadowgun into the Android Market, we’ve paired with @NVIDIATegra to give away an awesome tablet prize pack, featuring the ASUS Slider, a Jawbone Jambox Bluetooth Speaker, and a $ 25 Amex gift card to get you started in the Tegra Zone.

So how do I win?

Since we are nearing Halloween and we are a community of do-it-yourselfers, we figured a costume contest was in order. And not just any contest, but a DIY costume contest.

Hello, I’m from the internet.

We’re talking cardboard, foil, duct tape- anything you’ve got laying around the apartment or in the garage that can be strapped together to potentially win a brand new tablet.

The theme? Futuristic sci-fi bounty hunter, of course! Take a look at our Shadowgun review to get a sense of the game. The protagonist is a hulking badass who runs around in flack armor shooting stuff with large guns. We figured this would make for some awesome costumes.

To enter, simply build a ridiculous costume and submit a photo here on this post, as a comment. You can post it to Twitter, Flickr, Google+, Facebook- anywhere! In case you want to actually rock the Shadowgun look on Halloween, we’ll leave the contest open til Nov 1st. Just make sure you come back here and share the link with us. The Android and Me editors will review all the entries and select a winner the day after Halloween.

I like free stuff and all, but even I have limits.

If you want to participate but aren’t in a cardboard cutting mood, we’ve still got something you can win. Just for tweeting a link to this contest, you could win a limited edition Android and Me t-shirt. We’ve only got a handful left and we usually don’t print a design twice.

You can tweet whatever you’d like, just make sure to mention @androidandme and Shadowgun (that is how we are tracking entries). If you’d like the latest updates on future contests, make sure to follow @NVIDIATegra.

Happy Halloween and good luck!

We look forward to seeing all your DIY costumes and hope everyone has a very happy (and safe) Halloween. Make sure you eat plenty of candy and play plenty of Shadowgun. Then come back here to see all the entries. PS: This contest is open to anyone, regardless of geographic location.

To get the creative juices flowing, here is a high-res wallpaper of the main character in Shadowgun. Click for full size. Or click here for one with the logo.

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