DJ Pauly D – Beat That Boardwalk

The Android Market is home to some strange things at times, so it only makes sense that DJ Pauly D makes an appearance there. At least this one is kind of tolerable to a certain extent, mildly amusing and even kinda fun — if only for a while. DJ Pauly D – Beat That Boardwalk game is now available for download and features all the pixel loving Pauly D you can handle:

  • Bomb the Boardwalk! – Maneuver DJ Pauly D down Jersey’s bumpin’ boardwalk, scoring points, pizza and babes! Keep’em alive through waves of brawny bros that try to bring the beatdown! Steer clear of fugly grenades that want to ruin the night! Dodge hordes of buzz-kill executives that try to stop the show!
  • Boardwalkers, Music and Bling! – Keep DJ Pauly D going strong by collecting gold chains, boom boxes and head phones. Use his mad game on the Garden-State girlies to score more points and get some boardwalk love!
  • Pump Iron to Activate Juicehead Mode! – Hit up the gym to kick DJ Pauly D into JUICEHEAD mode, letting him plow through enemies like a grenade at the buffet!
  • Stop and Take Tan! – Tanning salons keep DJ Pauly D from becoming DANGEROUSLY PALE! Pale skin costs you precious points and party time. Keep an eye on the complexion meter so you’ll know when to bronze up.
  • Laundromats Keep you Lookin’ Fly! – Stop at the Laundromat or DJ Pauly D will go from stud to dud! Stay fresh to score more points and keep the night on fire!

All that fun isn’t free though, it will set you back around $ 1 but hey worst case, you’ll have something to kill some time and get a laugh at. Plus, it won’t cut that far into your hair gel expenses.

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