Best answer: Yes. The Amazon Paperwhite is one of the least intrusive blue-light e-readers available on the market. However, it does still use one for back-lighting and can cause irritation and disrupt your sleep cycle. A simple stick-on filter or pair of specialty glasses can help put your eyes at ease.

Do I need a blue light filter for my Kindle Paperwhite?

The latest models of the Paperwhite use a reduced blue-spectrum back-light, as compared to previous models and other devices. Still, some users will find that reading either in the dark or just before bed can cause irritation and sleep disruptions. Thankfully there are many affordable options available for stick-on blue-light filters that do double-duty as screen protectors for any make and model Kindle device.

Of course, there are benefits to covering up the blue light. For those looking for something a little less permanent and a little more stylish, some blue-light reducing “gamer” glasses will offer the same protection from eye-strain. They have the added benefit of not being restrained to just one device.

Do I have to buy something, or are there some free fixes?

Blue-light affects everyone differently, and for some, the irritation may not be frequent or disruptive enough to warrant spending more money on the device. In those cases, some simple changes to the Kindle’s settings and how it’s used may solve the problem.

Turning down the backlight in the device settings will not only reduce the amount of blue light your eyes are exposed to; it will also add hours of battery life for further reading. Limiting your use of the Kindle at night or in the dark will also significantly reduce eye strain and help improve your sleeping patterns.

Screening process

Dadanism Screen Protector

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See-through solution

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Stylish solution

Magic Jing computer glasses

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Protect your peepers

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