The typical physics game presents a target and object, then tells the player to get the two together. There’s usually only one or two ways to do that effectively and earn a lot of points, but Doodle Physics is a game where there is no set way to hit the target. Instead of asking players to recognize a pattern to solve a puzzle, this is a game that encourages players to use their imagination and forge their own path.

Doodle Physics puts one or more golden stars on a piece of magic paper, then asks players to have one or more gray balls reach the star(s). Users achieve that task by drawing objects like a boot to kick a ball towards the stars, create a ramp to slide down, and create clouds to bounce the ball.

Players are limited only by their imagination and understanding of physics. To create an extra layer of hardships, Doodle Physics places black stars in the way that must be avoided in order to beat the level. It also awards more points based on how quickly the target is reached, creating a sense of urgency that adds to the fun. The early levels are fairly easy, but there are more than 150 to test your creativity and puzzle-solving skills.

Certain phones may experience slow or buggy performance, an issue the developer is working to address. The game moved well on my G2X but sometimes required a force stop because the shapes I attempted to create were too thin and unable to move. However, the bigger issue is that Doodle Physics is sometimes slow to recognize the long-press to create anchors. That’s a no-no for a game that uses time as a factor to determine success.

Doodle Physics is a fun game that breaks the mold of what I typically see in the Android Market. It’s available for $ 1.33 for devices running Android 2.1 or higher. A Lite version with limited levels is available for free, so try that out first to make sure you want to upgrade to the premium version.

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