A new role-playing game for Android is launching soon in a limited-release beta. Freeverse-developed DragonCraft is a fantasy RPG in which users go on a quest to build an army and realm. There are six character types who influence the outcome of battle, all of whom play an important role in this game that mixes strategy and combat.

DragonCraft is in beta but you can jump ahead of the line and get access to the game now. Gaming company ngmoco wants to hear what Androinica.com readers think of Dragoncraft, so they’ve given us a priority code that will grant access to our readers. Visit DragonCraftTheGame.com and enter ANDROINICA in the “Have a Priority Code?” section. You should then receive an email once the game is ready for download. Until you’re able to sample the fiery battles of DragonCraft, here are some screenshots and character descriptions to tide you over.

Wrath Mage

The Cataclysm caused violent firestorms, widespread chaos and disorder, as fiery Dragon Crystal meteors plunged to earth and laid cities and countryside to waste. For the Barony of Karpathia, it was the catalyst for even greater change. Already dangerously abusive of magic, Karpathia is now home to magic users of the darkest and most powerful arts, fiersome to battle and terrifying to behold, their very flesh warped and maligned from continued exposure to the power of Dragon Crystals.


Many boys dream of one day becoming a mighty Paladin; few ever pass the many tests and years of hard, monk-like training that are required. The highest echelon of Soldier and honorary guard of Dragon Barons, Paladins dedicate their lives to the austere Code of the Sword. Taking an oath of celibacy, these warriors pledge their lives to Honor and Combat alone. Paladins are essential front line troops with nearly unshakeable morale.


Most frequently found in mountainous regions, Harpies are solitary scavengers and hunters, feral in intelligence and deadly in combat. They prefer to stalk their prey, waiting for a moment of weakness to surprise their victims in isolation and drag their prize of human flesh and horsemeat back to the caves they call home. While they are incapable of using magic, Harpies love all things bright and shiny, and their nests often yield wondrous treasures stolen from less fortunate souls.

Frost Ogre

Long favored by Franconian mothers as the bogeymen guy for scaring naughty children, the Frost Ogre is in fact a very real, if rarely seen, inhabitant of the Northern regions of Terra Vale. Living in small nomadic Clans and avoiding human settlements, Frost Ogres travel the remote mountain regions and frozen wastes, subsisting on a diet of mountain goats, and the occasional human explorer. Increased sightings of these usually illusive creatures are thought to be the result of the Cataclysm and the upheaval in Karpathia.


A terrifying example of the magic and science gone horribly wrong, The Qiraji are the outcome of Dragon Crystal powered cross-breeding between a sect of desert warriors and deadly Sun Scorpions, both native to Kalif. Neither fully man nor beast, these tortured creatures seek the complete and total destruction of other living thing, and final release in death.

Dark Mage

All mages take the same oath, but only the strongest of will reach the highest echelons of magical power. Acolytes may begin their training with the most innocent of intentions, but train long enough with the dangerous powers of Dragon Crystals and the mind and body become altered, forever warped by exposure. Dark Mages are formidable foes in combat, well versed in both offensive and defensive spell casting, and make powerful troops to commit to combat.


Long thought to be merely legend, Gorgons are magic-using creatures that dwells in the jungles and rocky coastlines of Southern Terra Vale. Their origins are a mystery, but these half-women, half snakes are terrifying to behold, wielding poisonous arrows and deadly spells with great accuracy.


The Brotherhood of Steam has many adherents, and many wish to serve in its Martial Division. For those who aspire to command a Steam Tank or Sky Galleon and bring glory to Technology through battle, service begins as a Pistolier. Armed with the sometimes-dangerous short ranged pistols, Pistoliers serve as shock troops and scouts, often thrown into the fray to hold the line or shore up defenses.

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