Mobile World Congress is officially over. The show was highlighted by flagship and mid-tier Android smartphone and tablet announcements and a few interesting wearables from Samsung and Huawei. While we’ll have to wait a few months before we can actually buy any of the new gadgets unveiled this week, HTC made a point that it’s big announcement is yet to come. HTC talked about its March 25 event during its HTC Desire 816 announcement and later released a teaser video on YouTube that dropped a few hints about the all new HTC One.

Drew Bamford (lead software designer at HTC) even jumped in on the company’s unified messaging plan, but he did add a bit more context to set out expectations for the all new HTC One and the upcoming HTC Smartwatch. During an interview with Android World, Drew Bamford answered questions about HTC future smartphone plans, the design of the all new HTC One and HTC’s wearables strategy.

On March 25th, we’re going to have a lot more to talk about with some new experiences that you’ll be very excited about. And really, what we’re doing there is capitalizing on the experiences that have been successful in HTC Sense 5 and 5.5 and really taking them to the next level. faster Access to the information that’s important to you, a more responsive experience that understand you and anticipates your needs and more ways to express yourself with your phone…

What we aim to do at HTC is capitalize on the design DNA that’s a part of our products. For example, you’ll see in the HTC Desire range we have the signature front-facing speaker grill and it doesn’t look identical to the HTC one, but you can identify that DNA – much the same way you might identify a BMW by the kidney grills, You’ll see us carry forward some of that DNA, some of our craftsmanship, attention to detail, beautiful metal construction, but we’ll take it to the next level. It will feel like something fresh, something new, but respecting the integrity of our design DNA…

We think wearables are a very exciting category we’ve said publicly that we’re working on wearables – we have been for some time. The reason we have not released one yet is because we want to do it right. You’ll see us bring out some wearables when we feel we’ve actually gotten to the right point in terms on craftsmanship, design, integrated experiences. That’s what weDrew BamfordHTC

You can catch the full interview below. Do you think the all new HTC One and the company’s upcoming smartwatch will live up the hype?

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