Hey Droid Chargers/Chargites/Chargians! Verizon has that Gingerbread update you’ve been waiting for and they’ve slapped the “coming soon” sticker on it. Sorry, nothing more specific than that and no sign of ICS, but then again no one else has a phone with ICS on Verizon either. (*glares at Verizon*)

Anyway, Gingerbread is not too shabby and brings with it a whole host of changes. Beyond the security and performance enhancements some of the highlights are the revised interface and color scheme along with improved copy and paste functionality. You’ll also gain the new download manager app and the “Running” tab found in Manage Applications that will show you what’s hogging up memory on your device.

If you want to read about all of the new features you can hit the Source link below for Verizon’s handy “Benefits of Software Upgrade” breakdown.

One caveat is that Verizon doesn’t specify the exact version of Android 2.3, so whether for example Google Talk with video is going to be supported is unknown at this point. I’ll update this post with that information as soon as I get the OTA.

Let us know how the update goes for you once it arrives and here’s hoping this is just a stepping stone to Ice Cream Sandwich.

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