Dropbox for Android 2.0 adds new features and a design facelift

It was just a few days ago that Dropbox showed off the design changes that it would make for Ice Cream Sandwich devices. Today, the company has released an updated Dropbox for Android app that changes the appearance of the app on all phones (pre-ICS included) and adds some nice new features to go along with its pretty new face.

First, let’s talk about the facelift. Dropbox now has a three-tab interface for browsing your online Dropbox: the main view where all stored files are displayed; Uploads to see which files are queued to be uploaded from the phone to the cloud, as well as a log of files recently completed; and Favorites, which is the section where users go to access files that have been downloaded to the phone for offline use. Honeycomb and ICS phones will see the tabs represented in a flat action bar with just the icons, but Gingerbread and previous devices will see a gradient bar. All versions will be able to tap the down arrow on a file or folder and get options to Share, Favorite, Delete, Rename, or export.

As for the new features, we just revealed one of them. Dropbox makes it easier now to manage files from that dropdown menu. Users can send files from Dropbox directly to Google Docs or an email, and they can share it with any app with access to the Android share function. Adding a Favorite to a file then saves it to the device and makes it accessible offline in the Favorites tab.

Dropbox has also become a better manager of files. The app supports bulk file uploads, which will be great news for folks who like to immediately backup their photos to the cloud. Gallery view has also been improved to go along with other “bug fixes and stability improvements” to make for a better Dropbox. Download the app from the Android Market and see these welcome changes for yourself.


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