How can such a simple game be somewhat hard to play? Well, this is what you get with the game Drunk Man. The object of the game is to control the main character David. As the story goes David gets himself plastered on his wife’s birthday and now she’s mad at him. His wife tells him to buy a very nice gift for her or sleep outside of the house. This is where you’re suppose to help him walk his drunk behind as long as possible to get to the gift shop.

There are two ways to play this game, one is using touching, another is using the accelerometer — all to control the drunken man. The first is touching to control, which allows you to tap the right half of your screen and hold if he leans to the left and touch and hold the left when he leans to the right. Second, you can control the man by using your phones accelerometer by holding it according to the man’s status.

The goal is keeping the man up right for a long period in time achieving a high score, which is measured in meters walked. In order for you to be ranked you need to score a 78, this sounds easy but trust me it’s really hard. When I started playing the game I was using the touch control feature, but when I switched to the accelerometer feature controlling the man became much simpler.

At the end of the day the game play on Drunk Man isn’t really complicated, but that’s what makes it enjoyable. This game is perfect if you’re on break at your job or when your brain doesn’t want to think and just go on auto-pilot. If the developer adds some minor features like the ability to change the character or scenery it would help keep things somewhat fresh and new. Other than that, it’s a great attempt to poke fun at drunks.

Pros: Simple, weirdly addictive

Cons: Can’t change level or character


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