Dead Space

When will Electronic Arts take Android seriously? The developer already has several games available on the Android Market, but most have been disappointing and received more 1-star reviews than 5-star reviews. Hopefully things get turned around this fall when the classic survival horror game Dead Space is ported to Android.

No press releases have gone out, but Samsung was showing off a near-final build of Dead Space running on a Galaxy Tab 10.1 at their booth last week in order to promote their upcoming Games Hub. I only got a few minutes of hands-on time with the game, but it was the most impressive graphics I’ve seen on any Android title to date. The game originally debuted back in 2008 on PC and consoles, but it looks like EA has updated the graphics to take full advantage of the Tegra 2 inside the Galaxy Tab.

We don’t have many details about Samsung’s Game Hub, but it was first revealed at Mobile World Congress in February alongside the Galaxy S II Unpacked event. At the time, Game Hub appeared to be a showcase app that was stocked full of Gameloft games. It will be interesting to see if Samsung turns Game Hub into an actual content market like they did with Media Hub, or if they just emulate an app like Tegra Zone that redirects purchases to the Android Market.

No release date for Dead Space was provided, but the booth monkey said Game Hub might be available this fall. Sony Ericsson recently offered Dead Space and a couple other titles on the Xperia Play, so look for more games from EA to eventually hit the Android Market.

If you never played the original Dead Space, check out the trailer of the game below. How much would you pay for a triple-A console game ported to Android?

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