Electronics Arts has released FIFA 12, the mobile version of its flagship game for fans of soccer, or football depending on which side of the pond you call home. However, unlike previous editions, this game isn’t in the Android Market for everyone just yet. That’s because Sony Ericsson has secured an exclusive on the game until February 2012.

FIFA 12 is optimized for the Xperia Play and available first to that game-centric device. Other Xperia phones – like the Arc, Ray, Neo, and Pro – will also access the game for free. Play owners can download the game through by sliding-up their phone to open the Game Launcher, but I’m not exactly sure how other Xperia phones will get the app.

As far as the actual game, FIFA 12 and FIFA Soccer 12 (North American name) are said to be a big jump in quality when compared to previous versions. The graphics are crisper and player motion has improved. In a web chat between game producers and media yesterday, EA’s Alexandru Ruse said “One of the things we spent the most time on was the controls. We went through a lot of iterations to make sure they fully exploit both the touchscreen, and the hardware PLAY controls.”

The gaming and engine have been targeted for Xperia Play and the hardware game pads. Other changes towards improving the game included better commentary from the announcers, improved player animations, and stadium look/audio to enrich the overall experience. Gamers can have single-player matches, challenges, cups, and league pursuits. EA’s licensing deals also means your favorite clubs and footballers will appear.

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