Note taking and memory-aid app Evernote has added three often-requested features to its Android app. Today Evernote announced that users can share notebooks and get “more sketch goodness” for annotation.

Evernote now allows users to mark a note as shareable to certain people named or with anyone who has a link to that note. That will make it easier to pass on notes you make to friends, family, or coworkers. Access can later be taken away by the note creator. And to put the cherry on top, Evernote premium users can allow others to edit notes. That might be useful for the folks who use Evernote as a productivity tool.

Skitch, the annotation company that Evernote acquired a short while ago, has been included. There’s now a link to open the Skitch Android app, edit an image, and then save the into Evernote. Users can save as a new image or replace the original with what was edited in Skitch.

By the way, if you’re storing Evernote on your SD card, you cannot gain access to the widget. That’s because Android doesn’t support widgets when an app is installed on the SD card. To remedy the situation, Evernote built a separate widget specifically for such users. Download the Evernote app and install to the SD card, then download the Evernote widget app (leave it on the standard phone memory) and you should be able to have the best of both worlds. Here’s Evernote’s developer page to download whatever you need.

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