Notes seamlessly switch from handwriting to other inputs, work with stylus or finger

Notes can be made up for more than just inserted images and printed text, and that’s why Evernote announced today that it is integrating full-blown handwriting input in the latest release of its app. Evernote points out that this isn’t just another input method, but complete handwriting integration that makes it fit in with the rest of the content in your notes. You can switch quickly from typing to add in written commentary, annotations or equations and go right back to typing with a couple taps. Multiple colors and line thicknesses are available as well, and handwritten words are searchable just like printed text.

In its promotional materials Evernote shows off an awful lot of people using Galaxy Note phones and tablets with fine stylus input, but you’ll be able to give a quick scrawl into your notes with your finger (or a capacitive stylus) on any device you’d like. Notes aren’t saved any different when they have handwriting in them — everything is right in-line with the other text, images and audio of the note.


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