I fear turn-based RPGs may have gone the way of the dodo, but I am finding a little relief in the exploding market of action/RPGs. Exitium is one of the newer of these hybrid games on the market, and I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of detail, polish, and overall mechanics of the first game from Minoraxis, Inc. From the moment you are literally thrown into the beautiful world of Vardonia, you will control four heroes with whom you can take the reigns and steer the future of the Arkan and Abylonian kingdoms.

Before you begin any of the storylines, you are given the choice to play as Kiron, a fierce brute warrior, Jasen, a paladin with a mix of martial and magical powers, Galen, a warrior-wizard, and Alia, a priestess. Each has their own storyline and backstory along with unique sets of attacks, skills, and weapons. Every character is a soldier on one side of the war or another, allowing you to gain a unique perspective on their beliefs on the war and their civilization. The two magicians were more difficult to use because of their spell attacks so if you want more of a challenge start with either of them.

Exitium’s gameplay is very reminiscent of Destina. You travel through multiple environments to fulfill quest requirements all the while fighting monsters and leveling up. There are no breaks in battle as monsters constantly reappear, though you can change equipment, use items, and save anytime you’re in a hostile setting. Fighting and using spells are easier than in Destinia, mainly because you have less spells to use, but you aren’t constantly switching menus to find the right spell. All the controls are at your thumb-tip making it easy to cast a spell or use a potion.

The story is a little linear for an RPG game. I don’t mean there aren’t plot twists or turns, there are, but there’s not really any exceptional dialogue or intrigue for the characters. The whole story is told to you without actual happening to you (it’s the show vs tell argument). While, thankfully, it is easy to find quests and your next objective, you can almost foresee what you will be told to do and what will happen. Obviously with four characters there are four different interesting paths and stories to choose from, but the basic quests and missions are a bit too predictable.

As I mentioned, gameplay is fantastic, and I think the simpler, but just as rich, inventory/forging/skills is the best approach. There are thousands of weapon and armor choices to find or create or upgrade at your whim so you don’t ever have to be stuck with the same equipment. Menus are easy to navigate, and Exitium allows you to simply and quickly drag and drop items. While forging and upgrading equipment was easy, selling was time-consuming as you have to input what price you want to sell the equipment for.

Despite a few hiccups like continuing running in a direction after I stopped pressing or some lag when facing many enemies (albeit on my fading Xperia Play), the amount of polish and detail in this game are astounding. The world is completely filled with subtle background objects like bones or cracks that would normally go unnoticed. Vardonia is a visually rich world, and the character details are magnificent. The art quality is worth the price of admission alone.

For a 20+ hour campaign along with hundreds of quests for multiple characters, Exitium is one of the best “bang for your buck” games. Vibrant environments, multiple story arcs, and a plethora of quests and weapons mean there are few games that can match the quality and scope which Exitium displays. In a market craving RPG-type games, Exitium is a gem that can truly stand out and say mobile RPG games are the best and strongest of all the nostalgic forces in gaming.

*Unfortunately, the developers just informed me that Google has blocked this game for unknown reasons. Check back soon for more information.

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