You know who loves updates and redesigns? Facebook. Know who says they hates updates and redesigns but continue to use the site anyway? Facebook’s members. And despite issuing a big redesign of its Android application just a week ago, Facebook is already pushing another update that tweaks the way that profiles display on a mobile device.

Facebook Timeline has made its way to Android. Issued in conjunction with the international roll-out of Timeline on the desktop site, the new version of the app incorporates the story-telling aspect that CEO Mark Zuckerberg introduced at the f8 developer conference. The new profile view will only work for people who have already enabled timeline, but it provides a new way for people to customize their profiles, share more information, and have a chronological view of everything that they’ve ever shared on Facebook.

Privacy alert! Yeah, yeah, we know, that’s expected of any Facebook release, but the company has wisely decided to give people time to change their privacy settings before the information goes public. Once Timeline is enabled on your profile, click here for instructions, users will be able to change how much of the archives others are able to access.

As for how Timeline looks, there are some eye-catching changes. For instance when a friend checks-in, it shows a map of their location. If someone uploads a gallery from an event and includes information about location or adds notes, it really is a great tool for storytelling. You don’t have to tell me that a lot of people will not like these changes, but it’s Facebook – what else is new?

Love it or hate, here’s a quick look at what Facebook Timeline looks like on my profile.

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