Firefox update brings support for Android tablets — full-screen browsing is a go

Mozilla the maker of the popular Firefox browser today announced on its blog an update to its app on Android tablets. This has been in the making for a few months, especially after Mozilla had the new Honeycomb app previewed. The new Firefox app allows the desktop version of the browser to finally work on all Android tablets. The updated app brings along some much-needed features, which include full screen portrait browsing with tabs that’ll take full advantage of a larger canvas on tablets. Full screen view also lets users swipe to the left to get easier access to a panel which shows thumbnails of your open tabs.

The updated app supports Android’s Action bar for quick access to back, forward and bookmark buttons, also improved HTML5 support with HTML5 Form Validation API and HTML5 Input Tag for Camera Access. These added HTML5 features are important not just for user experience, but making life a lot easier for developers.

The HTML5 Form Validation API feature automatically validates website form fields (numbers, emails and URLs) without developers needing to write a custom code or use a third-party library. The other significant HTML5 upgrade (Input Tag for Camera Access) lets developers build mobile websites and Web apps which allows for consumers to use the camera on an Android phone or tablet to take pictures, scan bar codes and more without leaving Firefox — this is very cool.

Firefox for Android is a free download from Android Market, snatch it up here. In the meantime, watch this cool video I embedded below that shows all the new features in action.

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