Flixster, a social movie site which allows users to share movie ratings, discover new movies, and meet others with similar taste in movies has sent out an interesting update. The new update brings fixed intermittent crash bug relate to dialog, some added support for UltraViolet Digital Copy movie streaming, and added support for Google TV 2.0 (yes, you heard correct).

This is interesting because a couple of months ago in Europe Google chairman Eric Schmidt not only promised that Google will continue with plans to bring Google TV to more regions, including Europe. But he also reiterated previous statements that Google TV aims to be a complementary service to broadcast television, not a direct competitor. That said, Schmidt in the same lecture basically admitted that crossing the the big TV networks played a huge part in the platforms many setbacks.

So Flixster adding support to Google TV 2.0 would only suggest that a launch of the search giant’s smart TV platform is probably coming a lot sooner then we think. Google not too long ago released the final add-on to its SDK for the upcoming release of Google’s latest software update. Discussing the SDK release on its Google TV blog the company said:

“We’re very excited about the strong interest from the developer community in bringing their apps to TV, and we look forward to continuing to deliver powerful tools which enable innovative forms of entertainment for the living room.”

Why is Google TV 2.0 so special you ask? Well, the search giant’s TV platform will allow users access to the Android Market on their HD screens. This is great news for those of you who snatched up Google TV boxes on the cheap, because it looks like 2.0 is on the way. Perhaps, before the end of the year — let’s all cross our fingers.


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