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Delta Air Lines’ Fly Delta Android app has long been one of the first things I install on a phone. It’s well-designed, and has added a couple killer features since its release nearly a year ago — mainly the ability to view upgrade/standby lists and check and change seats from your phone, and more recently they added the ability to track your checked baggage. Good stuff.

And now Delta’s added even more functionality in Version 1.7. Here’s the full changelog.

  • Check in for flights arriving or departing international locations
  • Discover Delta’s valued partners within the “Traveling with Us” section
  • Support for Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwhich) [sic]
  • Fixes for many of the bugs reported by our customers, along with several speed enhancements

It’s nice that Delta’s added check-ins for international flights. (Though you’ll presumably still have to get your boarding pass when you arrive.) The “Traveling with Us” section is a little bit of advertising (we’ve got a screen cap after the break), where so far we have promotion of Delta’s American Express credit card and something from TED. It’s pretty unobtrusive, though, so no big deal. Then there’s the ICS support and other bug fixes, which is always good (though the app had been working just fine for us), though there’s still a menu button down at the bottom, and not as an Action Bar “overflow” as Google’s pushing everyone toward. (On the other hand, the app’s design is otherwise very nice, so we’ll overlook that.)

But what really gets us excited is the prospect of “several speed enhancements.” With previous versions of the app, you needed to fire it up a few minutes before you could get to your itinerary and find your confirmation number or seat assignment or mobile boarding pass. Things definitely feel a little quicker; hopefully that’s not just a placebo — it really was a big gripe with the Delta app.

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