Back at CES2011, Ford announced that it would be releasing an electric version of their popular Ford Focus entry level sedan, and in November put the Focus Electric up for preorder at a whopping $ 39,200. Though cars usually don’t grace our site all too often, the Ford Focus Electric will feature MyFord Mobile smartphone integration through the MyFord Mobile application which Ford should preview at CES next week.

So what can a smartphone application do for your vehicle, you ask? MyFord Mobile will display the current battery status and vehicle range, display locations of charging stations near you, adjust climate settings, help plan navigation routes, and serve your usage statistics on social media sites.

We’ll try to stop by Ford’s booth next week to show off all that MyFord Mobile can do, for now you can check out the hands-on video at the end of this post. Anyone out there actually planning on picking up a Focus Electric? I must admit that I’m more than a bit tempted, especially since it allows my smartphone to control my smartcar. Maybe the CES crew will score me a review unit? Here’s hoping.

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