The longtime actor and director has turned his production skills to Android apps

To be perfectly honest, I didn’t know what he was doing there either. Why was Damon Wayans, the actor, writer, director, producer (and member of the legendary family) at the Samsung Developers Conference in December? Celebrity appearances (paid or otherwise) are nothing new at tech events — see Lopez, Jennifer; Kutcher, Ashton; Wilde, Olivia; and, Will to name but a few. So you’ll forgive me for not thinking all that much about the appearance that week.

Fast forward a few months. The Samsung Galaxy S5 launches with some $ 500 in free “Galaxy Gifts” apps. And tucked in there along with the likes of a WSJ subscription and Paypal voucher is Flick Dat, one of Wayans’ apps. And it turns out it all started at, of course, a Hollywood tech conference.

“The very first one I went to was DigiHollywood,” Wayans recently told me by phone. “And I get there, and everyone’s giving out business cards. So it made me think … with all this technology, we still haven’t conquered the business card.” That’s certainly true, I thought. For as high-tech as this job may be, you’ll still catch any one of us taking notes with a pen and paper and handing out (and worse, receiving) scores of paper business cards.

Thus, Flick Dat was born.

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