Two or three times a year we get to kick our feet up and essentially take off the better part of a day and watch the Apple Circus. And I don’t mean that in a pejorative manner — for me an Apple keynote is always a fun event. There’s new software and new features to figure out. New tech — be it mobile or desktop — to salivate over. I like to think that most of us are able to separate the fact from fiction, that there’s always going to be cheerleading.

IOS 8 (and to a different, lesser extent, OSX 10.10) is gaining a number of features that Android has had for years? So what? That’s great for iOS. They’ll be implemented in their own way, for better or for worse. In what world does it make sense to take the improvements in iOS 8 as a personal attack, or a full-out frontal assault on Android? This happens every year. It’s the bestest, fastest version of iOS yet. As, too, will be the next version of Android. And then we’ll do this all over again.

Folks switched from Android to iOS? Of course they did. Because they’d already switched from BlackBerry or Windows Phone to Android. And folks are switching from iOS to Android all the time as well. Some use both.

And thus the world keeps turning.

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