We have a lot of balls in the air here at Mobile Nations. That is, we’ve got a whole lot of things going on at once. (That’s a juggling metaphor.)

Some of these things you fine folks get to see. All the reviews we do. All the news we cover. The shift to a more centralized newsroom. All the public events we attend, and the private meetings needed to set them up. All the work on the back end — think servers, CMS, design, security, etc. — from the folks who never get the credit they deserve (you can find all their names here). The men and women in our retail side, who (in addition to advertising, yes) help fund those of us in the toy box, in addition to bringing great accessories at the best prices they can manage.

So, yeah. There’s a lot going on at Mobile Nations, the company. And speaking in an editorial capacity, it’s nice to get a chance to actually give focus to just one or six things at once.

Welcome to Android Central University.

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