Giving this MobileFit thing another go …

Today is June 1, the start of Mobile Nations Fitness Month. It’s our third-annual endeavor of this sort, if I recall correctly. Yet I am still fat. But it’s a new year. We’ve got new blood in the ranks, not just at Android Central, but at Mobile Nations as a whole.

So let’s try this again, perhaps.

It’s important to set goals, I guess. I just have to figure out what those are. And in fitting with my personality, it’s important to start small, otherwise there’s no way any of this will last two weeks, let alone a full month.

In another life I worked at a hospital, for a department that sold corporate wellness plans. The idea was we’d show the employees how unfit (unhealthy, really) they were, and propose small changes that could make long-term differences not only in lives, but in bottom lines. So I’m trying to make small changes. When I got an office last winter, I got a standing desk. (More on that later this month.) I’m using smaller plates when I eat at home. I’m carving out a half-hour most days for the exercise bike. (It’s so much easier on the knees than running, though I do hate being stationary. Oh well. I’m finally catching up on “House of Cards.”) And probably most important is that I’m going to lay off the sauce this month. (It’s been nearly a week already, actually, and you’re hearing this one before even my wife. Don’t tell her. Let’s see if she notices.)

Maybe that’s too many little changes at once. I don’t know. Giving up booze for a month may be a bigger thing than I realize (though that in and of itself perhaps tells me something). I don’t know what’s going to happen. I don’t know how much effect any of this will have. My goal? Probably just to lose a few pounds, I think. I don’t have a target number. I feel pretty good. I could look better. I could sleep better.

We could spend the month telling you what you need to do to be more healthy. We could listicle all the apps. And we’ll do both those things, sure. But I’m sitting here at 8 a.m. on a Sunday morning, sweaty after another half-hour on the bike (HoC Season 2 is really good) and am doing so without any sort of headache. So maybe things already are changing.

Today’s Day 1. Let’s see how far we can ride this. You can find all of the June MobileFit stories from all of our sites here.

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