Verizon’s latest minimum advertised pricing (MAP) list has added two devices that are no doubt on everyones short list for the holidays. The fan favorite has to be the Galaxy Nexus (Prime), but the HTC Rezound (Vigor) is no slouch in the specs department and HTC certainly has a loyal following amongst the Android faithful.

Considering what these phones have to offer it will probably come as no surprise that they are grabbing Verizon’s top pricing at $ 299 on a 2-year contract. We had a nice run there when $ 199 was the worst they would do to us, but clearly those days are gone for now.

The second piece of information comes as a bit of a disappointment to me as it pegs the launch for both devices as November 10th. It’s nice to have something on the calendar to stare at, but I had really hoped that it would be a little closer than that. Now until Verizon, Google, Samsung and/or HTC comes right out and tells us the launch date we can’t be certain, but the MAP launch date for the Bionic was dead on and in most cases when the dates on these lists are wrong it’s because the device gets delayed.

Does $ 299 seem like a fair price for these devices to you? How does the November 10th release date sit with you? Should they have pushed to get it closer to the iPhone’s release or is just making sure it is out in time for the holidays good enough?

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