Two tid-bits of information on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus have made their way online today that should put Big Red’s users in a good mood.

Cases for the upcoming Nexus have already been spotted at Verizon stores. Both a shell/holster combo (with a kickstand!) and silicone case have been photographed in the wild. There’s still a million possibilities for when the Verizon Nexus will launch (tomorrow, November 10th, is one of the less popular rumored dates), but this is a good sign that it’s coming sooner than later.[1]

In other slightly more interesting Verizon Galaxy Nexus related news, a tipster from DroidLife has been able to spend some quality time with the device, and is happy to report that battery life is much better than expected. According to the tipster, after five hours of heavy use, at full brightness on LTE only, the Nexus still had 45% of its battery left.

To anyone who has used a device like the Thunderbolt on LTE, this is great news. If this information is correct, with some brightness regulation and only moderate use, even on LTE the Nexus should last a full day on a single charge. We’d love to see how the battery really performs once the Nexus finally launches, but this gives us something positive to look forward to.[2]


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