The Galaxy Nexus has been a busy handset this past day, making the rounds in several different areas. Not only has the device received the permanent root treatment, but there’s a nasty volume bug plaguing handsets, along with some confusion on USB mass storage and exactly how big the internal storage will be in the Verizon Nexus.

Over at MoDaCo, a popular website for smartphone hacks and mods, Paul O’Brien has posted a relatively easy method for achieving permanent root on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. It only involves a couple steps, and there are methods available for Windows, Mac and Linux based computers. Only you are responsible for anything that happens to your phone during the rooting process, so if you’d like to proceed with caution, you can find all the necessary files as well as any updates on the method in the forum thread here. [1]

In other Nexus related news, users of the Galaxy Nexus HSPA+ version available in the UK are reporting problems with the volume control on their devices. Apparently, the European 900 MHz 2G frequency is causing the Nexus’ volume switch to sporadically turn itself up and down. The bug seems to present itself whenever the Nexus is exposed to the 900 MHz frequency, like when going into a 2G only signal area. It can even be triggered when a different phone on 2G is placed near the Nexus. You can see it for yourself in the video below. No one is quite sure what to make of the volume bug yet as information continues to develop. We’ll be sure to keep an eye on this one. [2]

Future Verizon Nexus owners have something good to look forward to today. There’s been some confusion lately as to how much internal storage the Verizon version of the Galaxy Nexus will have. Early reports pointed towards the Verizon Nexus only shipping with 16GB of internal storage. But according to a leaked document from DroidLife, that may not be true. The document compares several different Verizon LTE handsets with AT&T LTE handsets, and the Nexus is listed as having 32GB of storage. We won’t really know what’s going on until Verizon finally decides to release the Nexus, but this should make anyone waiting for the 32GB Nexus happy. [3]

Unfortunately, not all Nexus storage news today is good. It has been confirmed that the Galaxy Nexus will not support USB mass storage. Dan Morril has taken to Reddit to share the reasons why, but to sum it up, the internal storage in the Galaxy Nexus is not partitioned, like the Nexus S. The storage on the Galaxy Nexus is “unified,” so you’ll have to get used to using MTP. Which might spell trouble for some Mac and Linux users. For an in-depth explanation on how storage on the Galaxy Nexus will work, check out this thread on Reddit. [4]

Last but not least in today’s Galaxy Nexus news roundup is a short story about one of Apple’s cofounders, Steve Wozniak, and his journey to finally getting a Nexus of his own. A short time ago, Woz mentioned something on Twitter about looking to find a Galaxy Nexus here in the US, saying he was searching at Best Buy, but that “it’s probably not here yet.” Well being one of the most popular men in the tech industry has its perks, because over the weekend, Woz was spotted at Google headquarters smiling for the cameras, showing off his Galaxy Nexus and brand new Ice Cream Sandwich themed shirt. We can’t all be as lucky as Woz, but hopefully he enjoys the latest and greatest that Android has to offer. [5]

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