Galaxy Nexus sample

Looking for yet another sure fire sign that the Galaxy Nexus is coming to market very, very soon? Just like with the Nexus S before it launched, pictures that have been taken with Google’s unreleased device have started to make their way onto Picasa.

We know this picture was taken by a Galaxy Nexus thanks to the EXIF data found attached to the picture. EXIF data, or the data that tells us information about a picture including what device a picture was taken with, can generally be faked pretty easily. What makes this picture special though is the fact that not only does the EXIF data point towards it being from a Galaxy Nexus, but it was taken by a Google employee on Google’s campus.

Considering those two factors, we’re fairly certain the picture you see is indeed straight from the next Nexus. A different picture was spotted online earlier today that was also from the Galaxy Nexus (it has since been pulled), so it’s safe to assume there are quite a few of them in the wild right now. How long until we get another candid look at one? Well, that’s up to the employees that have one. Which by the way, if you just so happen to match that description, you can find the “contact us” button right near the top of the page.

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