With the continuing hype of the Galaxy Nexus (Nexus Prime), more details and leaks have started to flood the internet. We now have another announcement date in Hong Kong set for October 19, the Ice Cream Sandwich statue is up, and the next Nexus device is now showing up in retail systems.

Our friends at Droid-Life received a couple treats from some ninjas at Verizon and Best Buy. These companies seem to be getting ready for the most anticipated Android device of the year.

The first image[1] is from Verizon’s device management system. The information stated is nothing new and confirms what we are already expecting. Verizon’s system names this device the “Samsung Galaxy Nexus,” establishing the name that has been recently rumored.

Since this device showed up first in Verizon’s system, it could mean that carrier exclusivity might be imminent. At least for a certain amount of time, that is. We’ll definitely be hearing more about this during the days to come.

The picture to the right[2] comes from the Best Buy ninja. It illustrates Best Buy’s cellebrite system, which now includes the Nexus Prime. It is a bit weird that an official source would name this device the “Nexus Prime,” though. This is only supposed to be a code name, and the actual device should be coming under a different name (most likely Samsung Galaxy Nexus).

This is still the SCH-i515, though, which would be the Verizon version. This would further entail that a Verizon exclusive Nexus could be very possible. Our friends at Droid-Life entertain the idea that this phone might also become a Best Buy exclusive (much like the Nexus S).

This is nothing but random speculation, but it would not seem like a great idea. Best Buy tends to have higher off-contract prices. And previously, when the T-Mobile Nexus S  was unavailable at T-Mobile stores, it proved to be a weird way to sell a device. We’re definitely hoping this Nexus device will–at least–make it to Verizon stores.

For now, we’ll have to wait until next week’s announcement to see the official details. You can be sure we’ll be reporting the news, so stay tuned! Who’s signing up for this device? Are you upset about the possible Verizon exclusivity? Would you switch carriers for this phone? Would you rather wait?


  1. Via Droid-Life
  2. Via Droid-Life

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