Though at first the 4.65″ HD Super AMOLED display prominently featured in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Nexus at first had us beaming with joy, there is now reason to throw up a tiny yellow caution flag. Rather than using the full RGB display found in the Super AMOLED Plus devices (where each pixel has its own red, blue, and green pixels), the Galaxy Nexus will use the same RGBG PenTile display that has been found in all Nexus devices to date.

Though many have bemoaned PenTile devices, which have lesser color rendition, reduced sharpness, and lower sub-pixel density, there is reason to be hopeful. AnandTech suggests that if you were happy with the pixel density of the Galaxy S II devices, you probably will be satisfied with the screen on the Galaxy Nexus as well. Since nobody out there has been able to spend a significant amount of time testing out the Galaxy Nexus, it’s difficult to fully test the screen of the device against currently existing models.

FlatPanelsHD, however, uses the Galaxy Note as a proxy for the Galaxy Nexus, as the devices will feature similar displays. Judging from their analysis, viewing your phone straight on likely will result in a decent display, but turning your phone slightly to either side will result in washed out blueish-green screen.

Having used a PenTile display in the Photon4G for the better part of a few months now, I can honestly say that I haven’t been disappointed in the display, and unless you’re setting the device next to the likes of the Galaxy S II, you probably won’t be disappointed.

You can read more details of the various screen tests by clicking on the following links:

  1. FlatPanelsHD
  2. AnandTech

What do you guys think? Are you disappointed that the Galaxy Nexus will have a PenTile display rather than the RGB display found in the Galaxy S II, or do you think it won’t matter? Sound off in the comments.

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