Samsung Galaxy S5

Between JUMP! upgrades and device trade-ins, quite a few people may actually be buying this time around

When the Galaxy S5 was announced, T-Mobile pulled the usual carrier move and set up a “pre-registration” page where you could sign up to be notified when the phone would be available on the network. Today, T-Mobile is flaunting the fact that over 300,000 people have signed up for information on the Galaxy S5, which is quite a feat.

Now that number is likely a bit inflated, as this time around by registering for Galaxy S5 information you’re entered to win one of a handful it is giving away, but T-Mobile in the end still got over 300,000 people to give up some personal information for a chance to get notified about the Galaxy S5 as soon as possible.

The real test will be how many of those 300,000 pre-registrations turn into sales when the phone’s finally available. We don’t have a great idea of exactly how much it’ll cost in the end, but considering T-Mobile’s new device financing, JUMP! upgrade plans and device trade-in programs, more than a few people on the carrier have an easy process for switching to that new phone.

Source: @askdes


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