Among our many game demos at GDC 2014 was Gates of Osiris from indie developer Fenix Fire. Players mount up in a rover to patrol their base and precious resources and blow away any alien life forms that may be threatening your continued existence on the post-Earth planet. Resources are used to expand your base, repair your vehicles, and otherwise make it another day without getting sucked into the vacuum of space.

The sci-fi survival game was inspired in no small part by the aliens from Starship Troopers, but manages to steer clear of any mid-90s-flavor hoakiness. The graphics are fantastic thanks to deep integration with Unity and Qualcomm, complete with varying visual filters, powerful baked-in shadows, and stellar lighting effects. The game is still a work in progress, with a release on Android due this summer. Expect to see this gritty survival title in the Play Store for around $ 4.99. In the meantime, hit up Fenix Fire for screenshots and status updates.


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