If you’re planning on buying Call of Duty MW3 when it makes its debut on Tuesday, we suggest you do so at your local Best Buy and pick up a free HTC smartphone at the same time. The promotion is intended to raise consumer awareness of Best Buy’s mobile offering while cashing in on the hugely successful Call of Duty franchise.

Anyone who buys Call of Duty MW3 and is willing to sign up for a new two year contract will be able to walk out of a Best Buy store with a free HTC EVO 4G, HTC Inspire 4G or HTC DROID Incredible 2. It’s not surprising that Best Buy’s promotion features phones which are past their prime, but I don’t think anyone will be complaining. We’re just wondering why T-Mobile doesn’t have a phone available for the promotion.

We’re assuming that many of you are already planning on purchasing call of Duty MW3 on Tuesday. Will any of you be getting a free phone with your purchase at Best Buy?

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