Though the Verizon Wireless-branded Galaxy Nexus is still on the long and winding road, with entire websites devoted to tracking the endless flurry of release dates, customers on T-Mobile USA and AT&T have taken to importing the European flavor of the Galaxy Nexus. The unlocked Galaxy Nexus was available for order on several sites around the world, with prices falling primarily in the $ 750 to $ 850 range for the 16GB Penta-Band version that is compatible with T-Mobile USA and AT&T’s HSPA+ 21mbps networks.

Today, we’ve learned of two U.S. retailers which are currently selling the GSM unlocked Galaxy Nexus for under $ 700, which might be a price point that urges some of you out there to finally pull the trigger on the purchase.


NegriElectronics is featuring the unlocked Galaxy Nexus for $ 685.50 shipped, provided you use the discount code “VZSucks” at checkout. As far as we know, this deal is going on today only, so if you’re on the fence, you’ll probably want to make up your mind before tomorrow.

You can order the Galaxy Nexus from NegriElectronics here.


Newegg has launched the Galaxy Nexus at their online store as well, and is offering the GSM superphone for $ 699.99 shipped. This deal appears to be their regular retail price for the Galaxy Nexus, and we don’t anticipate Newegg will raise their price on the Nexus anytime soon.

If you’re not quite ready to make a decision and purchase the Nexus from NegriElectronics today, it’s good to know you’ll have another sub-$ 700 option at your disposal later on. You can order the Newegg Galaxy Nexus here.

We know several of you have the Penta-Band GSM Galaxy Nexus in your hands already, including many of you who’ve ordered from NegriElectronics. If you do already own the Galaxy Nexus, how are you liking the device thus far?

If you haven’t yet sprung for an unlocked Galaxy Nexus, does the phone being under $ 700 have you considering making that purchase?

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