GetGlue has often been described as “Foursquare for TV” because of its similarities to the location-aware service. But instead of checking-in to physical venues, GetGlue members check-in to television shows, movies, music, books, and video games. They then earn “stickers” (badges) for certain actions and connect with others who enjoy similar programming or activities.

A new wrinkle to that social-TV and more aspect has been added that should make GetGlue a little more social. Members can now see or participate in real-time communication based on what others are doing. So the next time you watch NBC’s Whitney and the star does something crazy, you can add a comment about wanting to see the previewed scene where Whitney ruins a wedding. Friends and other fans who check-in to that show will then see other GetGlue check-ins and tweets presented in chronological order. Replies to a comment are listed on a separate screen, so a conversation can be sparked without disrupting the stream for other users.

The real-time conversation feature also works when checking-in to read the Ultimate Spiderman Comics, listening to Bon Iver, or playing Battlefield 3. GetGlue promises that it filters the stream to only display “interesting comments” and remove noise. Along with is improved designed choices – like easier access to check-ins and a chat-like display – GetGlue now makes it easier to discuss the media that members consume.

What will be interesting is how GetGlue stands up to Facebook, which is approaching similar territory with its “frictionless sharing” feature that automatically announces what you listen to on Spotify, read online, and other activities. That has the potential to be spammy and annoying while GetGlue is focused on people who actively share and want to know what others are doing. The challenge will be that Facebook is established with a massive audience – GetGlue has a sizable community over 1.5 million members, but it’s not 800 million strong like FB – and has the advantage of being built-in to everyday lives.

Anyone interested in learning more about GetGlue can click the download image below to be taken to the Android Market.

Thanks, Claire

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