Android 2.3 Gingerbread debuted on devices in December 2010, but not until November 2011 did Gingerbread surpass its predecessor, Android 2.2 (Froyo). The latest Platform Versions chart shows that Gingerbread accounts for 43.9 percent of phones and tablets accessing the Android Market in the past two weeks, representing the first time that Gingerbread has been on more devices than Froyo (40.7 percent).

It might seem hard to imagine that it took nearly a year for Gingerbread to reach this milestone, but several factors led to this. Gingerbread was for a long time available only on the Nexus S, Nexus One, and phones running custom ROM’s. It took time for manufacturers and carriers to apply their customizations to Gingerbread, and many devices weren’t slated to receive it all. Making matters worse, Froyo-powered phones continued to be released deep into 2011.

A few popular devices like the HTC Thunderbolt finally received Gingerbread updates recently, and a slew of new phones running Android 2.3 have been released. That contributed to change that finally turned things around. And despite losing its crown as top dog, Froyo is not going anywhere for a long time. Having 40.7 percent of devices translates to tens of millions of phones, and those users aren’t guaranteed to upgrade their software or hardwareany time soon. Heck, there are still millions of phones on this chart running Eclair.

Image via Android Developer Platform Version Chart

For the two-week period ending November 3, 2011

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