Here’s a final call for all Android deals hunters. Today is the final installment of Google’s 10-day, 10-cent app sale to celebrate the passing of the 10 billion app download threshold. Google has partnered with several developers over the 10 days to offer premium apps for a dime, but the fun comes to a close today.

There’s still a deal to be had since the Android Market is selling Christmas albums at a discount price. You can find a select crop of full-lengths for only $ 3.99, and a range of carols for only 25-cents. Unlike the apps sale, the Market Holiday Blowout is limited only to the United States. (Google Music is restricted to the U.S.) Just head to to see the selection.

Here are the final apps included in the promotion:

  • Camera Zoom FX – A camera replacement app that adds filters, changes levels, and edits photos.
  • Shine Runner – A racing game from the makers of Riptide in which players race a boat in order to make moonshine deliveries.
  • TileStorm – a tile-based puzzle game with more than 100 maps and plenty of brain-teasing fun.
  • Star Chart – an astronomy app that – you guessed it! – charts the stars. Point your app towards the sky and info on the stars seen is grabbed.
  • Talking Ben the Dog – similar to Talking Tom Cat, you interact with a dog that can talk and likes to be played with.
  • Apparatus – a fun puzzle game that requires you to build wooden apparatus to send a ball into a basket.
  • Sentinel 3: Homeworld – a tower defense game on steroids.
  • Hyper Jump – a time-wasting game where you race through levels and grab points.
  • Color & Draw – an app for your kids to use as a virtual color book.
  • Majesty: Fantasy Kingdom – a fantasy game in which you control a realm and have to build and defend it.
  • Puffle Launch – An action game where you shoot of a cannon and try to avoid obstacles on your way to beating the level.
  • Heavy Gunner– a FPS where you man a surface to air defense station and have to shoot down invaders from the sky.




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