Google’s Galaxy Nexus Ninja 8-bit game is a perfect way to spend a lunch break

Since it first unveiled the Nexus line of phones, Google has commissioned some wonderful ninja-themed unboxing videos. The first was merely just entertaining, while the second was both fun and dynamic, taking over an entire YouTube page. The third installment of the Nexus Ninja Unboxing is a completely different animal.

Ninja’s Unboxing 3 is actually “Clash of the Nexus Ninjas,” an interactive game played on YouTube. Harking back to the classic days of beat ‘em up adventures in the 8-bit gaming era, clash asks players to destroy a wave of enemy ninjas and bosses until they have conquered the game. There are only a handful of moves that can be done to take down opponents, but anyone with an appreciation for 8-bit games will get a chuckle or two while clearing the boards and trying to reach a new high score.

Head to to play the game and try to unlock Nexus Power, a frenzied power-up state in which you can crush a horde of ninjas with one swift blow.

And if you’re more interested in skipping through the gameplay to earn a look at the Galaxy Nexus in 8-bit mode, view my first impressions of the device. It’s not as fun or inventive, but it’s in HD. And it’s actually about the phone instead of a sweet taste of nostalgia on an otherwise mundane Monday afternoon. Can’t go wrong with each other choice, though.


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