If you’re an avid user of Google+ and have yet to receive an update notification for the app on your Android device, you may want to check the Market now. A total redesign of the Google+ app for Android has just been released in the last day that features a new UI, bug fixes, battery life improvements and more.

According to the “what’s new” section in the Android Market listing, the latest version of Google+ for Android is a “completely new app,” and features a “new visual design.” The new visual design they’re talking about is directly related to Ice Cream Sandwich. The app is still colored the same (lots of gray, red, green and blue), but features back buttons on every page, as well as a new posting UI and a slick new messaging app. Also found throughout the app, especially the messenger, are some of the same graphics shown off in the Ice Cream Sandwich demos from the live announcement.

The two most important things to take away from the update are how committed Google is to design, and how close Android 4.0 and the Galaxy Nexus are to launching. The new Google+ app looks great. The new icons and graphics have a much more refined look to them. Google clearly spent quite a bit of time on the app. And the fact that Google is ready to show off this new design is a good sign that Ice Cream Sandwich is coming sooner than later. Just yesterday, Telegraph reported that here in the US, we may have to wait until after the 17th of this month to see the Galaxy Nexus finally launch. ICS should hit the AOSP and Nexus S devices shortly after that. But there’s still good reason to believe the Galaxy Nexus could launch before then. As soon as the 10th to be exact.

Either way, the new Google+ app is the closest thing most people will get to the ICS user interface for at least another week and a half. If you’re looking to download Google+ for Android, use the Market widget below.

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